Like the sea, story books and the stage called to me at a very early age. Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, my mother was an an opera singer and music teacher, so naturally my childhood was filled music, theater, and outdoor island adventure. 

As a child I developed my deep love of story though ballet training, continuing to dance into my teenage years. Over time my love of dance transitioned to theater and film and I soon found myself relocating to

San Francisco to continue to study.

Living in the city by the bay kept me busy earning a living; traveling the globe as top business executive and company spokesperson, often working on live television and lecture stages.

Eventually, my desire to return to acting kept calling to me, pushing me to change the direction of my sails. 

And when I did, it felt as though I had finally come home, only this time with so more to share.

Filled with gratitude, excitement, empathy, and experience, 

there is such a vast sea still yet to explore.

Live Aloha.